Established in 2011 by singer/pianist Rei Haycraft, Raimee wowed the North Carolina music scene with powerful, emotionally driven female-fronted hard rock. Rei was soon joined in the studio and on stage by guitarists and siblings, Brandon and Daniel Mullin, bassist Lily Marino, and drummer Ryan Morris. Together they have developed a unique sound and energetic stage presence unlike any other by pairing soul-baring, introspective lyrics and soaring vocals with dynamic instrumentation.

Their first full-length solo album, “After All This Time,” was released worldwide in July of 2015.

Shortly after their inception, Raimee released a compilation EP with another band entitled, “Of Roses and Ravens,” which featured five songs written and recorded by the band. Raimee toured Western North Carolina, building a solid fanbase of individuals who responded to the band’s honest, heart-wrenching music, unstoppable stage energy, and unbelievable drive to make their dreams a reality.

After Rei and Brandon graduated from ASU (Rei with her master’s degree and Brandon with his bachelor’s degree) the band moved their base of operations to Greensboro, North Carolina and worked harder than ever to write, record, and produce their first full-length solo album, “After All This Time,” which was released worldwide in July of 2015. Currently, Raimee is writing and recording new material while continuing to tour the region, entertaining audiences with their energetic stage show and reaching others with their music, one person at a time.